Derrière care: Berlin's cheekiest product

Berlin curiosities: an anal brush for the ultimate in intimate care

It's Berlin's answer to a particularly intimate grooming situation. A unique item you never knew existed, and may just wonder how you ever coped without.

Introducing the patented anal brush.

Volker Schröder's broom and brush-making business spans four generations, his hand-made products still crafted today exactly as they have been for a century and a half.

Handcrafted brushes from Berlin's only brush maker

And although the range includes everyday items such as nail scrubbers or shoe polishers, more innovative utensils are clearly a Schröder speciality.

There's a brush-broom hybrid to sweep away cobwebs, for example, and a long-handled scratching brush to relieve hard-to-reach itches.

But it's the 'Analbürste', of course, which really tickles everyone's fancy.

Beautiful, hand-made brushes - including a rather unusual speciality product
During the summer, Volker Schröder's hand carfted brushes are on sale at Chamissoplatz market

Wedge-shaped in order to reach deep between the cheeks, the invention - which happens to be Herr Schröder's own - is available in hard or soft varieties and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Anyone wishing to acquire any of these traditionally crafted brushes should head to the Ökomarkt in Kreuzberg's Chamissoplatz where, in summer months, Herr Schröder sets up stall.

At other times, you can order via his website.

Or if you prefer to simply windowshop, the no-retail display at 22 Heimstraße provides a tantalising overview of Schröder's very special wares.

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Hand-made brushes from Bürsten Schröder

Ökomarkt Chamissoplatz (Ecological farmers' market): Chamissoplatz, 10965 Berlin. Opening times: Sat, 9am-3pm

Window display: 22 Heimstraße 10965 Berlin

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