A glorious garden estate - and a Barcelona connection

Ceciliengärten- a 1920s garden estate that's one of Berlin's lesser known architectural jewels

Ceciliengärten: even the name is lovely, and this beautiful garden estate in the district of Schöneberg / Friedenau certainly doesn't disappoint.

Constructed between 1922-27, the enclave of apartments surrrounding an elegant central square is one of Berlin's little-known architectural gems - a listed monument that few city visitors actually get to see.

Details such as elaborate entrance doors and an abundance of decorative wall reliefs make for one of Berlin's largest, unofficial museums of Art Deco-influenced design.

1920s architectural design in Berlin
One of Ceciliengärten's many beautiful wall reliefs
An imposingly decorated oorway in Berlin's Ceciliengärten housing estate
A deocrative entranceway in Berlin's Ceciliengärten garden estate

A further highlight is, of course, provided by the splendid garden setting, with the largest of the estate's various green spaces boasting an impressive fountain and two iconic sculptures by renowned artist Georg Kolbe (below, left).

Georg Kolbe statues 'Morning' and 'Evening' in the Ceciliengärten, Schoeneberg, Berlin
A copy of Georg Kolbe's statue 'Morning' in the Mies van der Rohe pavilion, Barcelona

The allegorical figures of 'Morning' and 'Evening' face each other across a lush lawn, and for some, one of the bronzes will already be familiar from a very different location - the 1929 Mies van der Rohe pavilion in Barcelona, where 'Morning' was originally exhibited and a copy now stands (above right).

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Further facts

The Cecilien Gardens blaze with colour throughout much of the year, a cycle of flowering that begins with yellow forsythia in early spring and ends in autumn with a display of pink roses.

But perhaps one of the best times to visit is from late April to early May, when the cherry trees lining the Semperstraße entrance (straddled by the striking 'Atelierturm' tower) fill the avenue with a canopy of delicate blossom.


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Ceciliengärten, 12159 Berlin. Entrances from Traegerstraße and Semperstraße.

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