Going Underground: Berlin's glorious U3 line

Mosaic and glass dome at Heidelberger Platz station on the  historic U3 line, Berlin

Berlin's Metro is, of course, a great way to get to see the city's sights, but few seem to realise that several of its underground stations are definitely worth a visit in their own right, too.

And we're not just talking geeky trainspotter stuff, but genuinely wow-factor locations.

Beautifully tiled entrance to Heidelberger Platz metro, Berlin

The jewel in Berlin's public transport crown is the early twentieth-century U3 line, which wends it way primarily through the residential zones of Wilmersdorf and Dahlem.

These wealthy Berlin districts commissioned stations to reflect their affluent status, and the resulting Jugendstil-influenced designs boast an abundance of mosaics, elaborate tiling and decorative metalwork.

Impressive entrance to Heidelberger Platz Metro on the U3 line, Berlin

Hohenzollernplatz, Fehrbelliner Platz, Rüdesheimer Platz and Breitenbachplatz are all impressive, but the undisputed star of the U3 line is Heidelberger Platz, which, with its vaulted ceilings and gorgeous decorative flourishes, has an almost cathedral-like feel.

What's more, many of the stations are lovely from the outside, too, largely retaining their original carved-stone entrances complete with finely-wrought gates.

Heidelberger Platz Metro station, Berlin
Detail of animal carving on pillar, Heidelbergerplatz station, Berlin

Once the line emerges overground at Podbielskiallee, things start to get noticeably more routine, although quirky Dahlem-Dorf is worth a visit for several reasons.

And with various ground-level attractions conveniently situated along its route, the U3 line is right on track for a refreshingly different Berlin experience.

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Decorative metalwork at Fehrbellinerplatz Metro, Berlin
Decortaive Jugendstil light fitting on the historic U3 metro line, Berlin
Ceiling mosaics, Rudesheimerplatz Metro, Berlin

U3 Metro line, Berlin

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