Bawdy benches: Berlin's sexiest seating

Unexpected. His and her benches at Dahlem-Dorf metro station, Berlin

Giving a whole new meaning to the term 'metrosexual', these rather daring seating arrangements grace the platform at Berlin's Dahlem-Dorf Metro station, which - oddly enough - is far better known for its folksy, faux-farmhouse architecture.

Designed by Berlin artist Wolf van Roy, we'd suggest that, despite their obvious charm(s), these 'his and her' benches lack slightly in the comfort stakes - the wooden appendages aren't really conducive to maximum relaxation.

Sexy seating at Dahlem-Dorf Metro station, Berlin
Platform benches by artist Wolf van Roy at Dahlem-Dorf station, Berlin

Nevertheless, they certainly brighten up dreary journeys, and also cast the up-market district of Dahlem in an unexpectedly racy light: it may be posh, but it's clearly far from prudish.

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Dahlem-Dorf U-Bahn station (U3 Line): 14195 Berlin

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