Knopf Paul: Berlin's button bonanza

Millions of buttons at Knopf Paul, a unique Berlin store

They're stashed in cabinets, brimming from boxes, squeezed into jars and even hanging from the ceiling.

Buttons: quite literally millions of them, and you don't have to be a fashion or clothes-making enthusiast to revel in the mind-boggling abundance of wares at 'Knopf, Paul', a Kreuzberg emporium of all things button-y.

Knopf Paul: unique and unusual stores in Berlin
Shopping in Berlin: millions of buttons at Kreuzberg's Knopf Paul

A seemingly infinite variety of rainbow-hued fasteners are seductively displayed in floor to ceiling arrangements of luscious colour. There are separate sections for glittery buttons, precious antique buttons, and intriguing oddities that don't look much like buttons at all.

An Aladdin's cave of tiny treasures, Knopf Paul will have arty-crafty types drooling, and for others, it's a spectacle well worth seeing simply because it exists. You'll not find too many other stores quite like it.

The Berlin store of Knopf Paul is a button lover's paradise
Millions of buttons at this quirky Berlin shop

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Knopf Paul: Zossener Stra├če 10, 10961 Berlin
Opening times: Tues & Fri: 9am-6pm; Wed & Thurs: 2pm- 6pm

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