A cafe disguised as a flower shop (or vice versa)

Berlin's Blumencafe is both a plant and flower store and a cafe

Is it a flower shop or a cafe? In fact it's both, and with plenty of tables nestled among the blooms and foliage that spill from the store onto bustling Sch├Ânhauser Allee, the lovely 'Blumencafe' provides a perfect spot for soaking up the city's ambience.

There's a further surprise, too, which you may well hear before you get to see.

Would you guess this was a cafe? Blumencafe in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
A magnificent parrot presides over berlin's Blumencafe

The Blumencafe is also home to a pair of Amazonian parrots, who lord it over their very own jungle of potted palms.

Their squawks and screeches provide a surprising accompaniment to a coffee break, but you'd never expect a flower shop that's also an eatery to have more conventional pets on the premises.

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Blumencafe: Sch├Ânhauser Allee 127a 10437 Berlin
Opening times: Mon-Thurs and Sunday, 10am-6pm; Fri-Sat 10am-8pm

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