Yee-haw! It's Berlin's very own secret cowboy town

Hidden Berlin attractions: a lovingly recreated Old Texan town

Welcome to Old Texas Town, a lovingly reconstructed slice of America's Wild West hidden in an industrial suburb on the edge of Berlin.

Tucked between a motorway and a retail centre, you'll first catch a glimpse of the surrounding wooden fortress, its watch-towers looming over an adjacent Burger King.

A wooden fortess surrounds Berlin's 'secret' cowboy town

Huge gates lead directly into Main Street, a dusty thoroughfare lined with more amenities than the next-door shopping mall, including a clapboard church (available for real weddings), printer's shop, a bank and, of course, a grand saloon.

Swathed in red velvet and glittering with chandeliers, Texas Town's sumptuous watering hole dazzles with convincing 19th century splendour. Enjoy a drink, but don't get too raucous - the jail's right opposite.

Cowboys in Berlin: Mary's grand saloon in Berlin's very own slice of the American Wild West
The saloon in Berlin's Old Texas Town surprises with its atmosphere and detail

The Cowboy Club Old Texas Berlin was founded way back in 1950, the town meticulously hand-built in the early 1970s. The level of detail is often astonishing, and club members further the illusion by donning cowboy gear and toting (replica) Colt 45 shotguns.

Hidden Berlin: Old Texas Town is almost as good as a film set

You could almost be on a movie set - just don't look too far into the distance, where the smoking chimneys of surrounding factories add a surreal touch to what - let's face it - is already a slightly bizarre experience.

If, by now, you're desperate to visit, the slightly bad news is that Berlin's very own Wild West is open just once a month during the summer season (details below). It's recommended to book in advance, but you can probably just mosey on down and purchase a ticket on the day.

Complete with Sheriff: Berlin's Old Texas cowboy town
Old Texas Town Berlin even boasts its own church - open for services and, indeed, weddings with a difference

It's also handily located just a few minutes' walk from the Metro, which is good news for those daunted by the out-of-the-way location.

No excuse, then, not to experience one of Berlin's quirkiest secret attractions, and if you've got a cowboy hat handy, bring it - you know you want to.

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Berlin Old Texas Town: Paulsternstrasse 18, 13629 Berlin

Opening times: first Saturday of the month (except January/February), 6.30pm-2am. Note that several of the town's interiors are only open for visiting from 6.30 pm-7.30pm. Check website for further details.

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