Mighty fine shopping in Berlin's Wild West

Cowboy boots at Roy Dunn's Western Store, Berlin

It's not just a miniature Texan Ranch casually tucked away on a Berlin side street - it's Roy Dunn's Western Store, purveyor of one of the finest selections of cowboy gear you're likely to find outside the US.

Star attraction is a gleaming array of cowboy boots that even attracts American buyers (apparently the range of beautifully crafted, snip-toe models somehow excels anything easily available in the States).

A US-style ranch on a Berlin sidestreet - Roy Dunn's Western store

And to complete the Western look, the store is packed with every accessory that any cowboy or cowgirl could possibly require, from Stetson hats to bootlace ties, big ol' buckles and brightly embroidered shirts.

Cowboy gear in Berlin, Wedding at Roy Dunn's Western Store
A cowboy ranch and trading post in Berlin's Wedding

Mosey on down for a complete change of wardrobe, or simply to experience Berlin's unique cowboy trading post. A steaming mug of coffee awaits every customer, and there's plenty of room to hitch a horse in the courtyard.

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Roy Dunn's Western Store: Kameruner Straße 3, 13351 Berlin
Opening times: Wed-Fri, 11am-7pm, Sat, 10am-2pm

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