Hooked on a maggot-vending machine

Berlin's unusual sights: the maggot vending machine or 'Maden Automat'

The 'Maden-Automat' - or live maggot vending machine - in the district of Wedding enjoys something of a celebrity status. It's been in place for decades, is mentioned in two Berlin-based novels, and is bemusedly beloved by locals. And no, it's not on hand to supply some kind of bizarre snack, but helpfully provides anglers with bait on a 24-hour basis.

Maden Automat - live maggots vending machine, Berlin, Wedding
Retro signage outside Koss Ageln - site of the cult Maden Automat, Berlin

An undoubted part of the machine's appeal is the store to which it belongs. Koss Angling Supplies is one of those businesses that hasn't changed in aeons, and its distinctly retro appearance provides a rather charming glimpse of unaltered, '70s Berlin.

For die-hard fans of urban oddities (or anglers requiring emergency maggots) the Maden-Automat is clearly a Berlin must.

For everyone else, this coin-operated curiosity may not merit a special trip, but can easily be added to a Wedding discovery tour, with nearby attractions ranging from a little-known museum complete with basement air raid shelter, to hip, hidden bars in crumbling courtyards. Go fish them out.

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Angelhaus Koss / Maden-Automat: Tegeler Stra├če 36-37, 13353 Berlin.

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