Tasty Thai treats in a Berlin park

Berlin's Preussen Park - or 'Thai Park' offers an authentic and delicious oriental food experience

Frying pans sizzle, and the scent of coriander fills the air. A beaming woman shreds papaya, while another stirs a pot of soup.

There's an oriental feast underway, and everyone's invited.

During warm summer weekends Berlin's Preußen Park transforms into 'Thaipark', a colourful open air food market where dozens of stalls offer tasty Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese treats.

A mouth-watering array of Thai treats on sale at this Berlin park
Budget eats in Berlin: the city's very own open air oriental food market

What began as a weekly gathering of local Thai residents - a chance to meet up and enjoy a communal meal - has, over several decades, become one of Berlin's true culinary highlights.

In fact, Preußen Park is probably the place to head for authentic oriental home-style cooking, although surprisingly, this food-fest is still relatively unknown amongst Berliners themselves.


Also remarkable is the fact that it even exists at all, because this permit-less marketplace is, of course, highly unofficial.

Yet despite various attempts in the past to curtail Thai Park's culinary activities, Berlin's authorities now prefer to turn a blind eye and not spoil the party.

A visual and culinary feast at Berlin's Preussen Park Thai food market

The food, of course, is the main attraction, but you might also be tempted by another of the park's weekend offerings: traditional Thai massage at a reasonable price.

It's said to do wonders for the digestive system, so if you're happy to be publicly kneaded, it's the perfect post-prandial workout. Simply lie down and relax as those extra calories are pummelled into oblivion.

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Preußen Park: Brandenburgische Straße 10707 Berlin
Opening times: warm weekends from midday until about 7pm

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