Through a window to the secret cinema

The beautifully painted facade of a former squat is one of Berlin's most famous alternative sights - but it hides a secret

Looks familiar? This brightly painted former squat is one of Berlin's most photographed sights, so there's a good chance you'll recognise it from countless guides and websites.

But there's an added attraction here that few realise even exists - a secret cinema you'll need to climb through a window to visit.

Friedrichshain's aptly named 'Durchsfenster Kino' (through the window cinema) doesn't advertise and is unmarked, so you have to know exactly where to knock in order to request access to the intimate screening room.

Berlin's secret cinema that you have to climb through a window to visit
A brightly painted apartment block in Friedrichshain, Berlin, and a hidden attraction that only locals know about

Once you've clambered inside, however, (and thankfully, the cinema's on the ground floor) the sense of intrigue continues. There's no official programming, so the movie's a surprise, although Monday nights are dedicated to Star Trek: a perfect opportunity to boldly go where only those in the know have been before.

Screenings take place every evening, with doors (or rather, window) opening at approximately 9pm. Get there around this time and locating the entrance to the speakeasy cinema shouldn't be a problem - we'd tell you exactly where to head, but don't want to give away all of Kino Durchfenster's secrets!

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Kino Durchsfenster: Friedrichshain, Berlin
Opening times: Mon-Sat aproximately 9pm; Sun 7.15pm. Entry fee 2 Euros. (Note that smoking is allowed in the cinema).

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