An urban art 'guestbook'

Berlin's Kino Intimes cinema

At Berlin's 'Kino Intimes' cinema it's not just about moving images - the exterior of this neighbourhood movie theatre is colourfully adorned with one of the capital's most impressive arrays of small-scale street art.

Admittedly, there's nothing secret about this oft-photographed Friedrichshain landmark (the wonderfully retro signage ramps up the photogenic appeal), but we love the far-from-obvious fact that the onslaught of imagery isn't entirely coincidental.

Graffiti and street art adorn the walls of Berlin's Kino Intimes

The cinema regards its walls as a continually evolving artwork - a self-proclaimed visual diary or 'guestbook' to which hundreds of Berlin's urban artists have, over the years, added their own distinctive mark.

While it's true that just about any available space in the city seems to receive the attentions of an artist or two, it's good to know that here the process is actively encouraged.

Quite apart from its visual appeal, the Kino Intimes is itself a bit of a gem.

Founded way back in 1917, the pocket-sized screening room is as cosily intimate as its name suggests, and in winter, heated using an original coal stove.

Perfect for chilly evenings, while in warmer months, its pavement café provides a premium perch from which to watch the world go by.

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Kino Intimes: Boxhagener Straße 107, 10245 Berlin

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