Coffee and cake in an 'ancient' courtyard

The Märkisches Museum, Berlin and its lovely courtyard cafe

Enter the Märkisches Museum's lovely cafe, and it's easy to imagine you're stepping into a 16th century courtyard - although we have to admit that this tranquil, ivy-clad space isn't quite as old as it looks.

The museum was completed in 1908 as a fanciful hybrid of architectural highlights from the Brandenburg region, and with its mock-Mediaeval tower, Gothic gables and Renaissance-style interior, does a pretty good job of seeming far more ancient than it actually is.


Which doesn't, of course, detract from the fact that this picturesque cafe has to rank among Berlin's most atmospheric settings for coffee, cake and snacks.

Beautiful bronze sculpture in the courtyard cafe of the Märkisches Museum, Berlin
Märkisches Museum, and its 'secret' courtyard cafe

You don't have to visit the museum itself to come here (although we can think of at least one good reason why you should), and nabbing a table is rarely a problem - this tucked away space remains a well-kept secret.

Located just a few minutes' walk from Alexanderplatz, the venue provides a quaint alternative to pricier, busier tourist spots (although note that it only opens three days a week).

Added bonus? The collection of (truly) antique stone carvings and sculptures surrounding the courtyard includes a giant bronze eagle perched on a balcony. All very Hogwarts, much like the museum itself.

Märkisches Museum, Berlin - exterior of this stunning hybrid of Brandenburg architectural highlights
Märkisches Museum cafe - a hidden Berlin space

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Märkisches Museum courtyard cafe: Am Köllnischen Park 5, 10179 Berlin. Opening hours: Fri-Sun, 12pm-5pm, and first Wednesday of the month, 12pm-5.30pm.

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