A Jugendstil classic

Detail of Jugendstil entrance gate, Berlin

Berlin was once famed for its many sumptuous department stores, and the name Tietz in particular became a byword for affordable shopping in glamorous surroundings - in 1927 some 13,000 employees worked in ten of the company's stores located throughout the city.

None have survived intact, but the administrative block from which the Tietz brothers oversaw their business empire still stands today. And it's a beauty.

Berlin Jugendstil facade
Berlin architecture: former Tietz Brothers' offices
Jugendstil masterpiece, Berlin
Sculptural detail in Jugendstil style, Berlin

Constructed between 1904–1906, the facade is rich in Jugendstil ornamentation, complemented by several beautifully tiled inner courtyards.  

Surprisingly overlooked by many visitors, this is a historic architectural jewel that's well worth seeking out.

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Tietz Brothers' building / Geschäftshaus der Gebrüder Tietz: Klosterstraße 64, 10179 Berlin

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