A secret historic interior

Hidden Berlin interior: the beautiful atrium in this seldom visited Berlin university faculty building

Several of Berlin's grandest buildings are occupied by the prestigious Humboldt University, and luckily, many are open to the public.

The lovely 19th-century edifice housing the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture is located next to the equally imposing Natural Science Museum on Invalidenstrasse.

Founded in 1881 as a self-contained college devoted to the study of agriculture, its beautifully restored facade and elegant interiors attest to the importance with which the faculty's subject matter was (and still is) held in Germany.

A grand 19th century interior - one of Berlin's seldom seen secret places

A vaulted glass roof tops a spacious central court leading to the main staircase, where 19th-century splendour meets GDR-era design in the form of modern metal and glass lamps adorning the carved stone balustrade.

Painted panels line the walls, and a mosaic floor provides a finishing touch. All in all, one of Berlin's lesser known architectural highlights.

Beautiful marble floors in this historic,  off the beaten track Berlin interior in Invalidenstraße
Detail of historic staircase, Berlin university faculty
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerische Fakultät entrance, Berlin

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerische Fakultät: Invalidenstraße 42, 10115 Berlin

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