Berlin's hidden inner-city village

Spring blossom in the historic 'village' of Rixdorf, Neukoelln, Berlin

Ever-so-urban Neukölln isn't the place you'd expect to find anything resembling a rural village, but enter the slow-paced streets that once comprised the historic settlement of Rixdorf, and you'll feel like you've left the city far, far behind.

Village church, Rixdorf, Neukoelln Berlin
Horsedrawn transport, Berlin, Rixdorf Neukoelln

An ancient church is nestled beside a leafy square. Half-timbered barns rub shoulders with handsome villas and there's even a local blacksmith.

If it all sounds idyllic, it more or less is - and certainly the closest thing you'll get to a postcard-worthy 'country' enclave in central Berlin.

Despite the small size of the area, there's a surprising amount to explore and discover - almost like taking a day trip, but without the hassle.


Old postbox on the square at Richardplatz, Neukoelln
General view of the Bohemian Village, Rixdorf, Berlin Neukoelln

Our insider tip is to take a peek at the tranquil cobbled courtyards and former farm buildings hidden just off the main 'village square' of Richardplatz (below).

18th century half-timbered brick barns, Neukoelln, Berlin

You'll find the green entrance gate next to Richardplatz 3A, and although it looks off-puttingly out of bounds, in fact it's a public thoroughfare. Remember, though, to be discreet: you'll be passing people's homes, so keep noise to a minimum and don't go whipping out the camera.

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Further facts

If you'd like to discover a little more about this historic Berlin enclave, the local museum (aptly located in a former 19th century schoolhouse) offers a small collection of photos and artefacts.

And if you happen to be around for September's annual hay bale-rolling contest, the transition from charming inner-city quarter to fully-fledged village should seem almost entirely convincing.

Neukölln / Rixdorf historic village: centred around Richardplatz, 12055 Berlin
Berlin Rixdorf museum (Museum im Böhmischen Dorf): Opening times: Thurs, 2pm-5pm; first and third Sunday in month, 12pm-2pm. Kirchgasse 5, 12043 Berlin
Hay rolling race (Popráci): 6th September 2014. Check website for more details

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