Udderly delicious? Berlin's ultimate culinary curiosity

Berlin's improbable culinary curiosity - a schnitzel made from cow's udders!

Berlin visitors in search of unusual gastronomic experiences might like to sample the Berliner Schnitzel, an interesting take on the classic breadcrumbed cutlet.

Made with cow's udders rather than veal (yes, you read that correctly), this once-popular local dish is now served in just one place (demand, clearly, isn't particularly high).

But at Prenzlauer Berg's well regarded RESTAURATION 1900 restaurant, the 'Granny's kitchen' set menu features a generous portion of fried udder alongside other old-fashioned treats such as potato soup and Königsberger meatballs.

Restauration 1900, Berlin - the only eatery in town that serves up the traditional 'Berliner Schnitzel'

Eating unusual bits of animal has seen a revival in recent years, and munching on a mammary gland is a definite culinary curiosity.

What's more, by all accounts, it's absolutely delicious... so 'Guten Appe-teat'!

Update: we're sad to report that RESTAURATION 1900 is now closed. If we learn of any other opportunities to sample Berlin's most singular snack, we'll let you know.

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Restauration 1900: Husemannstraße 1, 10435  Berlin
Opening times: daily from 10am

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