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Berlin's cutest balcony - a gathering of gnomes and woodland creatures in Prenzlauer Berg

It's a fairytale fantasy on a Prenzlauer Berg balcony - a playful gathering of whimsical forest creatures and lots of loveable gnomes.

Adored by local toddlers - and, indeed, anyone else who happens to catch a glimpse of the storybook spectacle - the garlanded 'Dwarf Balcony' adds its (slightly faded) charms to one of the area's loveliest historic streets.

Berlin's 'Dwarf Balcony'
Hagenauer Strasse, Berlin - where a fairytale surprise awaits in the form of the 'Dwarf Balcony'

And even if it's not quite in keeping with Prenzlauer Berg's general air of expensive designer chic, there's no denying that the artful display makes for some rather classy kitsch.

Dwarfing every other Berlin balcony for sheer, colourful exuberance, if you're in the neighbourhood (and at some point, just about every visitor to the city is) take a moment to seek out a little-gnome attraction that's sure to raise a smile.

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Berlin's dwarf balcony: Hagenauer Straße near junction with Sredzkiststraße, 10435  Berlin


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