Once upon a time in a Berlin station....

A fairytale Frog Prince in a Berlin U-Bahn station

This Frog Prince with a tiny golden crown has been waiting for a kiss since 1902, when he was first created to adorn a balustrade at - where else? - Berlin's Prinzenstraße (Prince Street) station.

These days, he surveys the crowds from a new location overlooking the railway tracks, no doubt reflecting on a life as eventful as all the best fairy tales.

Damaged by war-time bombing, stolen from his stairwell but subsequently recovered, things turned particularly bleak for Prinzenstraße's storybook hero when he was stashed in a workman's cupboard during renovation works to the station in the 1980s.

High above the trains, Berlin's fairytale Frog Prince surveys the platform at Prinzenstrasse station

Luckily, he was eventually rescued, given a polish, and installed on a specially-made plinth high above platform 1.

So next time you're passing through Prinzenstraße, be sure to look out for the only Frog Prince that's ever lived in a Metro station - and if you happen to be an extra-tall princess, why not give him the kiss that will transform him from Berlin's cutest ceramic amphibian into real, live royalty?

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The Frog Prince / Der Froschkönig: Prinzenstraße U-Bahn station, Platform 1, direction Wittenbergplatz, 10969 Berlin


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