Stand by me: budding love in Berlin's Tiergarten

Ben E. King in Berlin - the lyrics of his famous song 'Stand by Me' engraved into a tree in Tiergarten

It takes real dedication - as well as a rather romantic disposition - to carefully carve the lyrics of one of the world's greatest love songs into the bark of a tree.

But appropriately located at the heart of Berlin's Tiergarten Park you'll find the 'Stand by me' tree, its trunk engraved with the opening lines of Ben E. King's all-time classic.

The 'Stand by Me' tree in Berlin's Tiergarten Park

No one knows who created this sentimental tribute, but with luck, the living love-song should remain visible for many decades to come.

Berlin secret sights: the 'Stand by Me' tree
The Chorus to 'Stand by Me' - carved into a second tree in Tiergarten

And once you've found Tiergarten's sweetest secret, guess what? Just a few feet away yet another tree sports the song's chorus, with the words 'Darling, darling stand by me' again carved around the trunk.

Think of it as a two-part evergreen classic.

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Stand by me tree(s): Tiergarten park, Berlin: You'll find the opening verse on a tree beside the Großer Weg pathway, close to its intersection with Großer Sternallee. The 'chorus' is beside a small, nearby pathway leading off the Großer Sternallee.

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