A treasure trove of classic cars

Vintage and classic cars on display at 'Classic remise', Berlin

To call this incredible display of classic automobiles a petrolhead's paradise is putting it mildly.

Housed in a beautifully refurbished former tram depot, 'Classic Remise' is packed with the kind of gleaming vehicles - Maseratis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis - that most of us only dream of possessing.

Yet this wealth of automotive booty is not, in fact a museum, but a rather impressive service centre. And yes, most of the iconic cars on show here are privately owned.

Classic Remise, Berlin allows you to view some of the world's most iconic cars

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A line-up of gleaming automobiles at Berlin's Classic Remise car maintenance, garaging and showroom centre

Those glass enclosures surrounding the central court? Think of them as the ultimate parking lot: climate-controlled, super-safe storage for very desirable vehicles you'e generously allowed to ogle.

Also on hand, of course, are the specialist workshops that help keep some of the world's finest cars in tip-top condition, as well as various dealers offering the best of their classic stock. Refuelling options for visitors are provided by an on-site restaurant and cafe.

Specialist workshops for iconic cars at Berlin's Classic Remise

Perhaps the only downside to this free-of charge spectacle is its location in the industrial hinterlands of Moabit; a part of town that feels remote even though it's less than 3 miles from Tiergarten park and relatively accessible by public transport.

But once you've had your fill of car-envy, consider checking out some of the area's other attractions. As Classic Remise only goes to show, there's far more to Moabit than initially meets the eye.

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Classic Remise Berlin: Wiebestra├če 36-37, 10553 Berlin
Opening times: Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm; Sun, 10am-8pm.
Restaurants open Mon-Sat, 8am-11pm; Sun, 10am-6pm.

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