Mute menageries in Berlin's Steglitz

Taxidermy showroom Micahel Weiss in Berlin

Taxidermists aren't exactly an everyday kind of thing, so the fact that two exist just a short distance apart in the district of Steglitz already seems just a little unusual.

Far more uncanny, however, are the showrooms themselves.

Michael Weiss taxidermy - an unusual sight in a Berlin residential sidestreet

Improbably located between apartment blocks on residential side streets (they've probably terrified generations of local kids), both workshops are stuffed to the brim with stuffed animal specimens, a sight resembling a cross between a miniature natural history museum and an eccentric Victorian's study.

Stuffed birds prepared by one of Berlin's two leading taxidermists

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Taxidermy in Berlin

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Clients include interior designers, artists and film-makers, as well a surprisingly high number of bereft pet-owners unwilling to part with their deceased animal companions.

Unusual shopping in Berlin: a taxidermied fox
Unusual sights in Berlin: taxidermy businesses in Berlin's Steglitz

Of course, we'd far rather see these beautiful beasts alive and kicking, but such is the persuasive power of each expert's craft that you can almost imagine they still are.

We were actually fooled into patting a dead dog during our visit to Steglitz's oddest shopping destinations, which just goes to show that, when it comes to immortalising Fido, an expert taxidermic makeover is just the right stuff.

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Tierpräparationen Klaue: Schönhauser Straße, 22A , 12157 Berlin
Tierpräparator Michael Weiss: Markelstraße 48, 12163 Berlin Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9.30am-6pm

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