A Second Life for 1920s Berlin

The El Dorado, Berlin, in Second LIfe

1920s Berlin is the stuff of legend - an 'anything goes' era of wild parties, sexual freedom and an extraordinary flowering of artistic achievement.

But if you thought Berlin's most evocative decade was lost forever, think again.

The virtual reality platform Second Life plays host to The 1920s Berlin Project, a simulation allowing you to stroll the city's Weimar-era streets, enjoy a tea dance in the refined Hotel Adlon, applaud a burlesque show at the infamous El Dorado or mingle with bohemians in a bustling dive bar.

Created by history buff Jo Yardley, the project aims to provide an 'authentic' glimpse of a vanished epoch - including grittier realities such as widespread poverty and cramped, dingy backstreets.

1920s Berlin: movie by Pepa Cometa, filmed in Second LIfe

Image and movie credits: Pepa Cometa

And now, the virtual Berlin experience has been beautifully captured in a short movie by Second Lifer Pepa Cometa.

Shot entirely in the simulated city, Berlin 1920s is an evocative portrait of the capital's golden years ... or at least, its past reimagined as an extraordinary, computer-generated present.

The 1920s Berlin project

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