Coffee, cake, china and lace: Charlottenburg's Café Kredenz

Vintage charm in the Cafe Kredenz, Charlottenburg, Berlin

According to the owners, it resembles a tiny Viennese coffeehouse; to us, it evokes a quaint, old-fashioned English tearoom. But whatever your take on Charlottenburg's Café Kredenz, it's hard to find it anything but irresistible.

Framed lace adorns the walls, a clock ticks above a china cabinet and flowers are arranged on carefully polished antique tables.

Cafe Kredenz, Berlin
Charlottenburg's most charming cafe? Cafe Kredenz in Kantstrasse

It's the kind of setting your knick-knack-loving granny would feel happily at home in, and she'd be delighted, too, with the mouthwatering array of cakes temptingly displayed behind the counter.

These award-winning confections - which include such goodies as Yoghurt and Peach Torte or Chocolate and Lime Gateau - are specially prepared by a secret source, and every bit as delicious as they look.

English tearoom or Viennese cafe? You decide - but it's one of Berlin's loveliest retro-themed cafes
Old lace, china and knick-knacks together with some of Berlin's very best cakes...

Genteel, faintly twee yet genuinely lovely, Café Kredenz exudes exactly the kind vintage charm that so many other cafes strive (too) hard to reproduce.

If you find yourself in Charlottenburg, take a trip to the least-visited end of Kantstraße to savour some very special old-time nostalgia - and, of course, some equally exceptional cake.

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Café Kredenz: Kantstraße 81, 10627 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm; Sun, noon-6pm

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