Keeping things fresh: a unique Berlin cafe

Berlin's Infarm cafe, where fresh green produce is grown inhouse using a system of hydroponics

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Lovely as it looks, that wall of foliage isn't just for decoration. Those succulent salad leaves, sprouts and herbs will either end up on your plate or find themselves converted into super-fresh juices and herbal teas (go ahead - pick your own ingredients).

According to the organisation INfarm, no one needs outdoor space to grow their own fruit and veg. And with its tubs and trays of thriving produce, INfarm's flagship cafe deliciously puts theory into practice, paving the way for fresh food production just about anywhere.

Indoor farming at Berlin's INfarm cafe

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But this intriguing addition to Berlin's roster of alternative gardening ventures isn't just one of the city's quirkiest eateries. As well as providing a (literal) taste of the indoor farming experience, INfarm conducts seminars and workshops for everyone interested in nurturing their own home-grown goodies.

Fresh ideas as well as fresh food? Sounds like a business that's destined to grow.

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INfarm; Glogauerstra├če 6, 10999 Berlin
Check website for opening times and events /

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