Endless games on the Oberbaumbrücke

Berlin's Oberbaumbrücke bridge - and a neon installation that plays 'rock, paper, scissors' nightly

As night falls in Berlin, a game of chance begins to take place on the iconic Oberbaumbrücke bridge.

Since 1997, two facing neon signs have engaged in nocturnal sessions of 'Stone - Paper - Scissors', the randomly generated elements of the familiar childhood game illuminating the landmark's arches until dawn.

Created by the German artist Thorsten Goldberg, the installation marks the location of a former border crossing on the bridge itself.

'Rock, paper, scissors' - an installation on Berlin's  Oberbaumbrücke bridge

As the neon hands win and lose arbitrarily throughout the night, the artwork symbolises the confrontation of two opposed political systems and reflects on Berlin's long years of division.

Well worth looking out for as you cross, unhindered, from one side of the River Spree to the other.

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Stone - Paper - Scissors installation: Oberbaumbrücke bridge, 10243, Berlin
nightly until dawn

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