All aboard for an old-time bus excursion

Berlin off the beaten track - enjoy an excursion to the countryside on a beautiful vintage bus

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Sink into an upholstered seat that's as comfy as your favourite armchair, then sit back and enjoy the views as a delightful vintage bus transports you deep into Berlin's countryside.

Every day, a fleet of heritage buses leave Theodor-Heuss-Platz bound for the city's outlying lake district. Amazingly, the cream-coloured vehicles form part of the standard 218 line, meaning that this nostalgia-fest of a trip will cost you nothing more than a standard A-B ticket - a Berlin bargain indeed.

The 218 bus route, Berlin - with a change to catch a heritage bus
Old-style buses on Berlin's heritage 218 route to Pfaueninsel

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Note, however, that the old-style buses run much less regularly than their modern equivalents, so to catch one, you'll need to get your timing just right. (See details below).

Adding to the sense of anticipation, you can never be sure exactly which model will turn up; if it's a double-decker, head upstairs and try to bag a coveted front row seat!

Grunewald tower, Berlin - a monument conveniently placed on the 218 bus route.
Berlin's beautiful Havel river

With or without the vintage vehicle bonus, the 218 route is one of Berlin's true secret pleasures, winding to and from the lovely Pfaueninsel ('Peacock Island') by way of the Grunewald forest, River Havel and the popular Wannsee lake.

Some gorgeous views guaranteed, and a great way to temporarily escape the city's hustle and bustle. A top tip, whichever bus you end up on.

Berlin 218 traditional bus summer timetable, valid from 03.04.2015

Berlin vintage 218 bus 2014 summer timetable

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Berlin 218 bus route. Vintage buses on selected journeys - more information here. for transport information and journey planner

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