Concrete creations in a stonemason's yard

Steinmetzhof - a hidden gem in Pankow

Tucked away in an ordinary Pankow neighbourhood there's a far from ordinary street.

Lehderstraße is lined with historic industrial workshops, the long rows of red-brick buildings unexpectedly resembling quaint terraced cottages.

And it's here that you'll find the Steinmetzhof  (Stonemason's yard), a leafy, cobbled courtyard filled with sculptures and carvings; except that these days, the works on show are made of concrete rather than stone.

Betonfreunde in the Steinmetzhof, Berlin
Works of art in concrete produced by Berlin company Betonfreunde

They're produced by the rather wonderful company betonfreunde, expert creators of arty cement objects, and although the workshops themselves aren't open to casual visitors, you'll find plenty of examples of their craftsmanship on display.

Concrete coffee cup - an example of the wonderful objects produced by Berlin company Betonfreunde

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The pretty courtyard also houses several other surprises, including the original 1904 stone-cutting sheds complete with vintage machinery.

Now used as an atmospheric events venue, you might get a glimpse of it during one of the Steinmetzhof's regular jazz evenings, held in yet another of the historic workshops.

Interior of Steinmetzhof, Berlin, complete with 1904 stone-cutting equipment

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Historic nterior of Steinmetzhof, Pankow, Berlin

And if you simply happen to be in the area - perhaps visiting the magical Delphi cinema just around the corner - it's worth popping by to gaze at this flower and statue-filled oasis; a hidden relic of Berlin's industrial past that's still producing great things.

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Steinmetzhof: Lehderstraße 74-79, 13086 Berlin
Betonfreunde (friends of concrete): Lehderstraße 74, 13086 Berlin

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