Berlin's battiest attraction

Visit the fruit bats at Berlin's own bat cave in the Spandau Citadel

Berlin has its very own bat cave. Yes, really. And although, unfortunately, it doesn't harbour any caped crusaders, it does house one of Europe's largest colonies of bats.

They've been occupying the vaults of the 16th-century Spandau Citadel (Zitadelle Spandau) pretty much since the time it was built, and torch-lit tours during the summer months provide an intimate glimpse of their dark and rather spooky habitat (they hibernate and are unavailable during Berlin's bitter winters, clearly knowing what's good for them).

Off the beaten track Berlin: tours of the bat caves in Berlin's Spandau Citadel
Spandau Citadel, Berlin, where you'll find one of the city's quirkiest bat attractions!

For those who can't wait for warmer weather to bat-spot, an adopted population of friskier tropical bats obligingly hang out year-round in the Fledermauskeller, or bat cellar.

Nothing but a plexiglass screen separates spectators from the swarm, and if you're lucky enough to coincide with mealtimes, you can watch them getting fed.

Thankfully, they're strictly vegetarian, but if you've never seen a bat guzzling a banana, trust us that the sight is either very cute or extremely creepy, depending on your disposition.

Bats in Berlin: the Fledermauskeller or Bat Cellar in the city's Spandau Citadel

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Fledermauskeller (Bat cellar): Spandau Zitadelle, Haus 4, 13599 Berlin
Opening times: 12am-5pm daily
Bat tours (summer months only): bookable via info(at) or tel: 030/36750061

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