A 'secret' balcony over the river

A hidden balcony over the river: The Spreebalkon in Brommystrasse, Kreuzberg

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Turn down Brommystrasse - a short, rather desolate street that looks like it's got little to offer - and at the end you'll find a spacious terrace with far-reaching views over the River Spree.

The 100 sq metre Spreebalkon was inaugurated in 2007, and although, of course, Berlin boasts countless waterside perches, there's something extra special about this particular lookout.

Kreuzberg's hidden river balcony: the Spreebalkon in Brommystrasse

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The Spreebalkon or Brommybalkon: a riverside balcony in KreuzbergPfaueninsel in the Havel River, Berlin

For a start, there's a good chance you'll have it all to yourself, simply because few Berliners realise it even exists.

Secondly, the Spreebalkon juts out over the river itself, with the clever mesh design giving cooling glimpses of the flowing waters below.

And finally, there's a history behind it, too, as it marks the site where the Brommy Bridge once spanned the Spree.

The crossing was dynamited in 1945 to impede the advancing Red Army, and although plans are continually afoot to rebuild it, for now at least the Spreebalkon occupies one of the former bridge piers and overlooks another that protrudes forlornly from the river.

A place, then, to contemplate Berlin's past as well as its present: a des-res balcony that's a gift from the city to anyone wishing to use it.

Further facts

One side of Brommystrasse is flanked by the imposing Heeresb├Ąckerei (Royal Prussian bakery) a huge, 19th century complex that once provided rations for the Prussian army.

Later used as a 'secret' Cold War storehouse for supplies ranging from coal to canned foods, it now houses various restaurants and clubs including upmarket Sage (complete with another riverside terrace).

And look out, too, for Kreuzberg's most curious sight: a statue of Lenin tucked away just where you'd least expect it.

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Spreebalkon: Brommystra├če, 10997 Berlin

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