The great outdoors, indoors

A vertical garden hidden at the back of Dussmann's bookstore, Berlin

Dussmann's self-styled 'culture store' is a Berlin treasure in more ways than one.

A fabulous bookshop arranged over multiple floors, it also stocks a wide range of music and movies and doesn't close until midnight on weekdays - trading hours almost unheard of in Berlin.

Throw in a much-frequented English language section and you're talking a seriously useful emporium.

A vertical garden and cafe in Dussmann's bookstore, Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
Dussmann's bookstore, berlin and its vertical garden

But even if all this fails to entice, an impressive 'vertical garden' installed at the back of Dussmann's ground floor is well worth a visit.

The lush expanse of living plants is irrigated by trickling cascades, forming a soothing backdrop to a lovely cafe that certainly counts among Friedrichstrasse's hidden gems.

Books and gardens? It's a winning combination.


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Dussmann bookshop: Friedrichstra├če 90, 10117 Berlin

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