A trollyful of Stoly: Berlin's booze supermarkets

Sparkling wines in Berlin's alcohol supermarkets

In Berlin - as in the rest of Germany - you'll find supermarkets dedicated to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

That's right. Entire supermarkets stacked with booze, which is a lot of alcohol in one, handy location.

Guaranteed to get tipplers swooning, these wine and spirit emporiums are also worth checking for a general, mind-boggling browse.

Aisles of wines, beer and spirits in Berlin's specialist Getränke (drinks) stores

Aisle upon aisle of wine will leave you spoilt for choice; dozens of beers can be bought singly or by the crate and the vast assortment of spirits is bound to have you reeling.

You'll also find more varieties of liqueur than you ever thought possible. Cannabis flavour, anyone? Or yoghurt? Artichoke or prickly pear?

Yep - this is just how supermarket shopping should be.

Wines on display in Berlin's drinks supermarkets
Brimming shelves at one of Berlin's alcohol and drinks superstores


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Getränke Hoffmann has a large number of Berlin-based stores; check website for location finder and opening times.

Supermarket chain Ullrich also offers dedicated wine and spirit stores, as well as extensive selections in its standard supermarkets.

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