Discover a different Berlin

Secret places; hidden gems; alternative things to see and do

Berlin's most beautiful buildings?

A street of art

One of Berlin's greatest displays of urban art - in one handy location

Urban art. Lots of it.

Berlin by district

Berlin travel and sightseeing  by district

At, we're not just talking the kind of sights you'll find in any guidebook.

We're looking for the quirky, surprising or often overlooked aspects of our favourite travel destinations.

Places that locals love going to. Little known facts and fascinating details. The kind of secret spots, hidden or unusual sights and sensations that give cities their unique flavour.

Berlin - what a great place to start

We'll be kicking off secretcitytravel with an unconventional tourist guide to Berlin, one of our all-time favourite European cities.

From hidden courtyards to quirky stores, alternative sightseeing and secret, off the beaten track attractions, discover a different side to Germany's capital. Other great travel destinations will be following soon, so stay tuned!


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