Moabit: a taste of 'real' Berlin

A fruit stall in Berlin's Moabit

Granted, the Berlin district of Moabit isn't necessarily easy to appreciate.
Short on conventional tourist attractions, it's also low on conventional beauty.

That said, Moabit is also exactly the kind of place a certain type of traveller is likely to love.

Adult entertainment in Moabit's industrial zone

Its industrial past means that relics of Berlin's manufacturing history abound, some of them spectacular.

It's bordered by the Spree river and fringed by two forlorn but atmospheric canals.

Street view, Moabit, Berlin
Catholic church, Berlin, Moabit

And for all its slightly down-at-heel appearance, Moabit boasts surprisingly attractive enclaves as well as a staunchly local atmosphere: tourists are few and far between, despite the district's proximity to all the usual sights.

Cheap, cheerful and increasingly cosmopolitan, Berlin's 'forgotten' neighbourhood oozes a particular kind of authenticity that better known areas of Berlin sometimes struggle to retain.

Discover some of its little-known attractions, and you'll be glad you got to know it.


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