City gardens: Moabit's allotment village

Colourful and quirky allotment gardens along the Goslarer Ufer in Moabit, Berlin

The cobbled expanse of the Goslarer Ufer runs seemingly endlessly beside the Charlottenburgerverbindungskanal (below left), a waterway leading to the Westhafen docks.

As picturesque as it may sound, this particular corner of Berlin's Moabit district is actually a somewhat desolate, forlorn part of town.

Small factories and workshops intermittently line the canal, but overall, there's little to be seen.

Except, that is, for a cluster of lovingly tended allotments that nestle incongruously within the semi-industrial landscape.

City canal, Moabit, Berlin
City gardens in Berlin

Berliners love gardens, but don't often have them. Allotments therefore, are popular, and a surprisingly large number are scattered throughout the city.

Much of the charm of these particular small gardens, however, lies precisely in their oddly charmless setting. Filled with colour and clutter, this quaintly village-like settlement provides a visually exhilarating - and completely unexpected - contrast to its lonely canalside location.

'Welcome' to a garden in Moabit's allotment colony
Small lanes bisect this Moabit garden allotment
Treehouse in a Berlin city garden
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Moabit allotment gardens: Goslarer Ufer / Gaußstraße, 10589 Berlin

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