A hidden courtyard brewery

A hidden courtyard in Berlin boasts a stunning former Brewery

Turn into a courtyard hidden off a quiet Berlin street and you'll be rewarded by the sight of the former Josty Brewery. A gem of late 19th-century extravagance, the jovial figures adorning the facade perennially raise a glass to those lucky enough to find them.

The beautiful former Josty Brewery in Berlin is hidden in a secret courtyard
Detail of the Josty Brewery, Berlin, a hidden architectural gem

The Josty brothers, who emigrated to Berlin from their native Switzerland early in the 19th century, each made their own, distinctive mark on Germany's capital.

Elder brother Johann established a legendary Potsdamer Platz rendezvous - Café Josty, which was a favoured haunt of Berlin's pre-war bohemia - while Daniel specialised in brewing beer. It's said that he was the first to mix the city's famous wheat beer tipple, Berliner Weisse, with 'Waldmeister' herb flavouring - a combination that's still enjoyed today.

These lavish remnants of a vanished brewing empire are scarcely visible from the street, but - we'll happily admit it - not quite as clandestine as their tucked-away location might imply.

Food-loving locals know the courtyard as the site of a succession of up-market eateries, but for most Berlin visitors, the Josty Brewery is one of those hidden gems that's easy to miss. You'll be happy you didn't.

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Former Josty Brewery: Bergstraße 22, 10115 Berlin


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