Ave Maria: a small miracle of a store

Religious kitsch or sacred shopping? Berlin's Ave Maria Catholic store

Looking for Jesus? A good place to start is Berlin's wondrous Ave Maria, where you'll find him alongside saints, the Madonna and plastic replicas of the Pope.

This devotional emporium in Potsdamer Straße stocks everything a committed Catholic might require, from crucifixes and rosaries to five-foot effigies of the Virgin Mary.

The interior of Berlin's Catholic devotional store, Ave Maria

But it's not just the faithful who flock to the store. Devotees of religious kitsch stop by for gaudy amulets, saintly coffee coasters or plaster pietas. There's a regular clientele, too, for gloriously heady church incense, which Ave Maria sells by the weight in 40 different varieties.

A godsend, then, for Berlin's believers, and for others, the perfect destination for a (heavenly) host of knick-knacks.

Looking for religion in Berlin's 'Ave Maria' devotional store
Hail Mary! Madonna on sale at Berlin's Ave Maria story.

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Ave Maria Catholic devotional store: Potsdamer Straße 75, 10785 Berlin

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