Charlottenburg's historic villas

19th century villa, Berlin

Berlin once boasted dozens of beautiful villas - large, expensive homes in some of the city's most desirable areas.

Unfortunately, many were destroyed by war-time bombing, and within the city centre itself such buildings are comparitively rare.

Nevertheless, a taste of such opulent living can still be experienced in and around Charlottenburg's Schloßstrasse.

This wide, leafy boulevard was once entirely lined with lavish homes and apartment blocks, and still retains much of its late 19th century grandeur.

19th century villa, Berlin

Important renovated villas are located at numbers 18/18a, 65 and 66, while the oldest, and arguably most beautiful, is at number 67 (above).

Completed in 1873 in neo-classical style, its small front garden is a highly unusual feature in Berlin, although one shared by several other of the street's residences.

Villa Oppenheim, Berlin
Grand villas in Berlin

Another important townhouse, the Villa Oppenheim, (above) can be found just off the Schloßstrasse.

Constructed in 1881 as a summer home for the Oppenheim family, it's certainly elegant-looking, although unfortunately nothing survives of the original interiors.

Now housing an exhibition on local history, the building also incorporates a small, popular cafe and overlooks a pretty adjoining park - once the villa's own garden.

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Villa Oppenheim: Schloßstraße 55 / Üneberg-weg, 14059 Berlin

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